Monday, 7 November 2011

The hCG Diet Program Is Now the Most Popular Weight Loss Diet in America

Expert Author David L Greene
The hCG diet is now the most popular diet in the world. The term "hCG diet" is now searched more on the Internet that Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, Acai diets, and quite a few other popular diets. "HCG diet" is actually searched over 1 million times per month, which is more than all of those other diets are searched combined, according to the research tool for Google keywords.
Why is the hCG diet so popular? There are 3 reasons why the popularity of the HCG diet has increased so substantially over the past decade. It was originally started back in the 1950's by a British endocrinologist, then it waned in popularity. The resurgence has occurred over the past decade, with the diet being recognized as low risk, highly effective, and fairly inexpensive. It is not FDA approved for weight loss, although it is commonly used off-label for this purpose.
The first reason is that the hCG diet really does work faster than most every other diet around. With the loading phase, and the subsequent significant calorie restriction and the hCG hormone preventing severe hunger, patients are able to lose 2 to 3 pounds a day while on the diet. The diet consistently has patients losing this amount of weight, and it doesn't even allow strenuous exercise during the diet. There is a modified version which allows more calories to be consumed along with a higher dose of the HCG. This has become more popular over the past year and has retained the effectiveness of the diet nicely. Patients can intake double the standard amount of calories typically allowed, and exercise a lot more than was allowed on the conventional version of the diet program.
One of the main challenges with most diets around is that they simply take too long. The vast majority of Americans will give up on the diet part of the way through, because they simply don't have the willpower to stay disciplined for that length of time. With the hCG diet, however, an individual sees substantial results within the first 3 weeks. Pretty much anybody seeing those kinds of results will be able to stick to the diet within a few weeks. The hCG diet is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive diet on the market.
The 2nd reason is that the hCG diet is truly less expensive than most other diets. There is no private labeled food that one needs to buy, and the charge is less than $100 at most weight loss centers for the intake and to get started. There are costs involved with following up with your physician, however, this is typically much less than at the centers where you have to buy proprietary food every week.
The 3rd reason that the hCG diet is so popular is that it appears it will help lock in a new metabolic rate and allow patients to continue their weight loss over the long-term. One of the biggest problems with dieting is that most patients gain back all the weight that they lost previously over the next few years and then some.
The hCG diet, however, allows patients to set in this new metabolic rate, and along with the new eating habits prohibits the ideology that converts patients back to gaining their weight loss pounds.
There are a lot of diets to choose from on the market these days, and the objectives should be to lose weight quickly and safely, along with changing eating habits along with maintaining weight loss for the long term. The HCG diet fulfills all of these criteria, and should be considered as the option of choice.
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